Babies And Toddlers

Baby Steps.

We encourage every child in our care to discover, learn and gro

At Armadillo Nurseries we provide a safe, close knit and nurturing environment for both babies and toddlers.

We provide beautifully designed and serene baby and toddler rooms created to stimulate the senses and engage the minds of all our children.

We certainly like to keep things as flexible and creative as possible, particularly when it comes to toddlers. While some activities involve getting messy and enjoying different textures during something like one of our exciting paint play sessions, there’s also plenty of storytelling and singing as a group to keep everyone engaged.

For example, children may be involved in craft activities in the morning and then spend the afternoon doing a group activity like dancing or movement. While we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage closely, we’re also keen to create social activities that get all the children interacting with each other.

As you might expect, babies and toddlers are monitored all the time by our professional staff. Toddlers sit together during meals and at sleep times each child is provided with their own bed with clean sheets.

Of course, there’s a lot of difference when it comes to children between the ages of just a few months and 3 years old. Older toddlers are just starting to get their independence so this is something we like encourage at Armadillo Nurseries. We encourage them to use their imaginations and get involved in role playing as well as group activities such as dancing.

It’s about this time that toddlers are beginning to form stronger bonds and friendships with other children around them and so this is a good time to learn a bit about rules and boundaries too.

The nursery is, of course, kept hygienically clean throughout and you can be sure that your baby or toddler is being well looked after all the time.

If you’d like to take a look at how we run things at Armadillo Nurseries, contact us today to arrange a visit. We’re always happy to see new parents and discuss how we can provide all the nursery care their child needs.