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Learning And Assesment.

Lets Inspire every child in our care.

Learning and Assessment

At Armadillo Nurseries in Brixton, we take a creative and fun approach to learning and assessment. As an Ofsted registered nursery, we’re committed to delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage for babies, toddlers and preschool children.

The EYFS ensures that your child has a structured environment which helps them develop an understanding of things like numbers, words, building social relationships with other kids and evolving their own artistic and physical skills.

You can find out a bit more about our curriculum here.

Each child at Armadillo Nurseries is treated as an individual who can learn at their own pace and will have their own personal needs. Our aim is to encourage each child to express themselves and to challenge them with fun and creative games and activities. This way they begin to build confidence in the way the engage with the world.

Encouraging Care and Respect

During these formative years, all children are starting to find their own identity and personality. At all times, we look to encourage social relationships and a care and respect for each other. Many children coming to the nursery will be starting to make new friends for the first time and our aim is always to help them build positive bonds.

Inquiring Minds

One of our main drives is to help each child unleash their personal potential. Our facilities and the dedication of our nursery practitioners are all designed to create an environment where exploring and developing are simply a natural part of the daily routine.

We always work closely with parents to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. No one child is the same as another and a blanket approach for everyone doesn’t really work. Our nursery staff are dedicated to providing education and care through play and fun activities that focuses on the individual child and helps them develop in a positive way.

If you’d like to find out more about how we deliver EYFS and engage the children in our care, why not arrange an appointment to visit us, meet the staff and take a look at our facilities?