Taking Care Of Your Child

Our highest priority

At Armadillo Nurseries, we make the care of your child our highest priority

When selecting a nursery for your child, there will be several areas to look at before reaching a decision. Whether your child has been to a nursery before or it’s the first time you’re giving over care to such a place, it’s natural to feel just a little anxious.

Here at Armadillo Nurseries in Herne Hill, we understand that a number of boxes must be ticked before you hand over responsibility for looking after your child.

While location and flexibility will be on your list, keeping your child safe and providing a strong and encouraging learning and assessment environment for their development is going to be much more important.

Keeping Your Child Safe

All our practitioners are fully trained and committed to high levels of safety. Access to the nursery is through security doors and while your child is with us they are constantly monitored by professional staff.

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Learning and Assessment

Our aim is to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage for your child in a nurturing environment and through creative play and games. Each child is treated as an individual, inspired to develop by a team of creative and talented teachers and nursery staff.

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One of the key factors that many parents worry about is what their child is being fed during their day at nursery. At Armadillo Nurseries we believe in healthy eating and prepare fresh meals for the children.

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Of course, if you are looking at a particular nursery, you’ll want to pay a visit and check it out first. You can contact us today to book an appointment to meet our staff and take a look at all our facilities.